Go for the goal with football betting at Stake

Predicting football results has been around for the longest time, as bettors flocked to their favourite bookmaker to place high-value bets. As time passed, betting became more streamlined as online platforms started to appear. 

Now, you can bet on online bookmakers like Stake Casino, where there are tons of sports options to choose from. Chief among them is online football betting, which has emerged as the most popular sport in the world and is a good choice to place bets on. 

Get the best betting experience while you’re here at Stake. Elevate your gambling to the highest level by predicting the outcomes for the biggest football matches and leagues around the world.

Bet on the biggest football leagues and tournaments at Stake


Here at Stake, you have plenty of leagues to choose from, so you can explore them and pick the one you want.

It’s time to bet on the biggest football leagues in the world to benefit from some of the best rewards.

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Are you a big fan of a specific football league? Stake has some of the most extensive catalogues in the world, helping you fulfil your sports betting needs. There’s an abundance of football leagues to select from and you’ll get the optimal sports betting experience while you’re here at Stake. 

Explore our platform and enjoy betting on football leagues below: 

Premier League (England)

Considered by the football community as the best domestic league in the world, the Premier League is a fantastic competition for you to bet on. From the outside looking in, you will see a dominant club like Manchester City, but it is much deeper than that. Every football team in the Prem is one of the best in the world, as there is always a world-class player there. 

With heated competition around all 20 clubs, you can expect the Prem to be a gold mine for your bets. You can keep predicting the results of the big six clubs like the two Manchester teams, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, and Arsenal. However, you can also make it even more exciting as you bet on the high-stakes football games in the relegation battle. 

Enjoy the most balanced style of football across the top leagues, as the Prem has more well-rounded teams with their play style. Some teams like Everton can specialise in mucking it up on defence or be an ultra-attacking team like Aston Villa. 

La Liga (Spain)

If you want to watch high-octane football, La Liga is the way to go, as this Spanish football league has always been focused on getting the most fun out of football. Of course, there are three titans in La Liga; Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atlético Madrid. 

The first two form the most iconic rivalry in football, which makes for a marquee matchup to bet on. However, La Liga has continued to evolve through time with surprising teams making some noise like Girona, Villareal, Valencia, and more. 

Get the most exciting brand of football and learn more about why Spanish football has become one of the most influential play styles in the football scene. You can keep placing bets on the top clubs, but betting on matches involving clubs like Celta Vigo and Mallorca is also an exciting proposition.

Bundesliga (Germany)

The Bundesliga has one of the most passionate fan bases in the industry, as that competition has continued to have one club win the trophies. However, that has not killed any of the hope that clubs have, as they’re always pushing Bayern Munich to the limit. 

The 2023/24 season looks like the end of the Bayern dynasty, which opens up more opportunities for Bundesliga clubs to showcase their fun football. La Liga might be a high-octane league, but don’t count out the Bundesliga for the fun factor, as teams love having fast attacks and looser defences. 

While you have a team like Bayern Munich, the Bundesliga still has some elite clubs like Bayer Leverkusen, Bayern’s eternal rival Borussia Dortmund, RB Leipzig, and more. Keep having fun with German football, especially with the league’s tendency to pick up promising superstars. 

Champions League (Europe)

Aside from the tremendous domestic leagues, the Champions League is another option to consider. It functions as the largest league in Europe and takes the best teams across the many leagues in European football to pit them against each other and decide which club is the best in the region. 

Real Madrid is the titan of this tournament, with more than 10 victories in its history, but it does not count out all the teams across the best leagues in the world. Clubs like Manchester City, Chelsea, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, and more have competed and won this tournament.

The UCL gives you a unique opportunity to watch clubs from different domestic leagues compete for the biggest prize in European football. They’re all placed in a Cup knockout bracket, which makes for a more high-stakes environment compared to a round-robin league.

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Types of football betting you can do at Stake

Here at Stake, you have plenty of options for betting on your favourite football competitions.


The football world is more exciting than ever when you make predictions that can lead to some valuable rewards. You have plenty of options when it comes to online betting, but it makes for an exciting experience when you keep placing a wager for every match you’re watching. 

Here are the best types of bets you can make in football here at Stake: 

Winner bets

The simplest prediction you can make in football is the winning team. However, you are faced with a third option here, as the 1x2 market involves a potential draw. 

Look at the betting odds for each option to help you make informed decisions. It might look simple at first since you only have three options, but you must be prepared to make the ultimate decision.

Total bets 

The total bet is reliant on combining the goals scored by the two teams, and you’ll predict if it’s over or under a specific number given by Stake. It’s one of the most fun markets, as you can get a good idea of how well the two teams can play against each other on offence and defence.

Starting soon

Click the Starting Soon tab, where you can see the upcoming football matches to bet on. There are plenty of leagues and matches to check out, so you can look forward to the upcoming games and think of your predictions well.  

Live events 

You can place bets while the football matches are ongoing, as you can enhance the excitement for every minute you play. Make on-the-fly adjustments with football live betting, which makes it fun, as you can be strategic with your approach to the game. Enjoy live betting by clicking the Live Events tab, where you can see all the ongoing matches.

Outright bets

This type can be tougher since you must place the bet well before the season starts. This means you must make predictions without considering the context of the matches being played.

Enhance your bet with the best Stake bonus and promotions


By placing bets at Stake, there are plenty of bonuses and promotions you can check out, which can only boost your chances of winning more rewards.

Get the best rewards at Stake’s sportsbook by maximising the promotions. You can earn bonuses that can elevate your payouts to the highest level possible, and your experience of betting here will be worthwhile. 

Have a look at the best promotions Stake has to offer for you:

1. Stake’s Daily Races 

Stake gives out US$100,000 every day, and you can win a cut of that reward. To achieve that, you must make it far in the Daily Race Leaderboard, so you must keep placing bets and playing games, which can help you rise to the ranks. By making it into the top 5,000 players, you will get the best rewards delivered to your account.

2. Casino Challenges

To get a bonus for your gambling sessions at Stake, you should play a lot of casino games when you have the time and money to do so. You can get multipliers for those games and cash prizes, which can help you with your football bets. 

3. Stake Telegram Challenges 

By joining Stake’s Telegram channel, you can get some unique challenges you must complete to get some awesome perks. You must stay active on the channel as you might miss out on some of the best bonuses you can get and use for your football betting.

4. Stake vs Eddie 

Every week, you must play a different game and earn the highest multiplier to beat Eddie. Stay up to date with the weekly game of choice, and you can earn a cut of the US$30,000 reward, which can be used for your bets on football matches. 

5. Multiplier Race

Play four of the selected games each week and hit the biggest multiplier. That will help you earn a share of the US$10,000, which can be used for your bets on football matches.

6. Domestic Soccer - Double Winnings

You can earn Double Winnings on hand-picked blockbuster matches every week with the Primetime promotion. Specific markets allow you to earn double the rewards, which can lead to some of the best payouts.  

7. Premier League - Goalless Draw, Money Back 

Stake offers a money-back guarantee should any match fail to deliver any goals and finish up in a goalless draw. You can have a refund of up to US$100 when there are no goals scored.

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Tips and tricks to help you place improved football bets

Improve your football bets by becoming more strategic with your wagers.


Maximise the wagers you’re placing for football matches by having a good football betting strategy. Here are some of the best tips and tricks you to remember when placing football bets:

Manage your football bet bankroll properly

Maximise the money you’re spending with the wager you place on football matches. Don’t get carried away by placing high-value bets from the jump as that can lead to some mistakes. It’s best to start low and ramp up your bets when you become more familiar with the football bets.

Learn from the matches you’re watching

It’s best to watch the matches you’re betting on and learn what kind of dynamics the team have with each other and how the manager sets them up for success. Take note of the important parts of their matches so you have something to consider whenever you place bets on the game. 

Learning more about tactics will also lead to solid success since you know how teams will play against each other. Think of Arsenal playing against Manchester City, and the latter team will play a low-block defence, as their manager knows that setting up that way will lead to great success.

Stay up to date with the best players in football

It’s best to learn about the best players in football, as they will be the game-changers for your bets. By becoming more familiar with them, you will recognise those who will affect your bets, which can help you make informed predictions.

The step-by-step process to bet on football at Stake


With more knowledge of how to become a better football bettor, it’s time to learn how to bet on football at Stake.

Keep track of the step-by-step process you should follow for betting on football at Stake:

Register for a Stake account

1. Go to Stake.com and click the 'Register' button in the top right corner.

2. Fill in the boxes with details such as email address, username, password, and birthday. Alternatively, you can use accounts on platforms like Google, Line, Facebook, and Discord to help you get started.

3. Click the ‘Play Now’ button to start your Stake journey.

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Deposit into your Stake account

To deposit funds into your Stake account for your football bets follow these steps:






Click the 'Wallet' button at the top part of Stake.

Choose the payment method you want to use. Stake supports cryptocurrencies like:

Bitcoin (BTC)

Ethereum (ETH)

Litecoin (LTC)

Tether (USDT)

Dogecoin (DOGE)

Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

Ripple (XRP)



Binance Coin (BNB)


ApeCoin (APE)

BUSD (Binance USD)

Cronos (CRO)


Chainlink (LINK)

The Sandbox (SAND)

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

Uniswap (UNI)

Polygon (MATIC)

Input your wallet address in the ‘send to’ location bar for your crypto wallet or exchange.

Scan the QR code to start the process.

You can also buy crypto via Moonpay to deposit into your account.

Bet on football outcomes

It’s time to start betting on football; here are the steps:

1. Click the ‘Sports’ button in the top left corner of the page.

2. Look for the ‘Soccer’ tab and click it.

3. Find the league or match you prefer and seek out the best markets to bet on. Try to use the best bonus possible to enhance your betting session.

4. Finalise your bets and verify your decision when you win your football wagers. Contact customer support if you have questions needing answers.

Level up in football betting at Stake

The Stake sportsbook has continued to be at the forefront of football betting, as it has become a trusted platform for all kinds of gamblers. You have multiple avenues for gambling here, but football betting is one of the most popular. It becomes even better with the incentives you get from our platform, including a chance at becoming a VIP.

Level up your gambling at Stake by maximising the funds you have here. Consider betting on the Premier League, Champions League, or even international tournaments here at Stake. Kick off with the best betting experience, and enjoy your time here!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

An online sportsbook is a platform where you can make wagers on sports matches like a Premier League football match on a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
Stake is the best football platform and sports betting platform.
Football has emerged as the world’s biggest sport, as evidenced by the number of leagues worldwide and the number of people who watch the World Cup.
When it comes to the best football leagues, most people point to the top five leagues in Europe. England’s Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, Germany’s Bundesliga, Italy’s Serie A, and France’s Ligue 1.
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